Bruno Fernandes Pereira, known in the community by the nickname PorKaria.

I’ve been working as a Web developer for more than 5 years.  I’m an enthusiast of free software, work for the PHP community and I play drums when I’m idle.

What am I working on?


– PHP (version 5+, please)
– Javascript (DOM, Ajax… everything is easier when using jQuery)
– Java (just the basics,  I do not like it so much)

Software development methodology

– Extreme Programming
– Scrum

My Workspace

– IDE (PDT) in my home and NetBeans in my work
– Version Control System (Subversion)
– Development Platform ( I use Linux since 2004 🙂 )

I’m currently working as a programmer and managing projects in CATWORK Tecnologia, a company developing software for the Web.

Want to contact me? porkaria sign gmail dot com

[Talks and Workshops]

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